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Is AI-Generated Art Unethical? It's Complicated.

There are civil cases in the courts as we speak against companies like Midjourney and ChatGPT that are calling AI-generated art unethical. This article discusses AI art and proposes another viewpoint. Thought you would enjoy it.

Note: we do not create our artwork using any of these AI services. We use authentic, vintage images for the work we create. The only time we use AI is to fill in pixels where pixels have dropped off an image, leaving it looking incomplete. We don't use AI generation services for this work. We use Adobe products plus a toolbox of several other software packages to create our graphics.

Here's the article:

This was a very simple "Vaporwave" image created by me as a test when Midjourney first started. I realized very quickly I didn't really want to continue using Midjourney because of what I saw happening there. It just looked fake to me. This is strictly a personal opinion and says nothing about Midjourney or any other AI generation companies as a whole.

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