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Honoring Aaron Swartz - The Internet Archive Honors This Great Trailblazer Today.

Among the many brilliant things he accomplished, two stick in my mind and reside in my heart:

His creation of the RSS feed and his foundation of

Creative Commons. Aaron believed in the beauty and sharing nature of the Internet. That has almost disappeared now. He was also a cofounder of Reddit.

He died a tragic, suicide death at age 26 years ago. Miss your brilliance, Aaron.

Here's an invitation from the Internet Archive, in case you'd like to join the celebration of Aaron's life:

Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon

You're invited to join us for a two-day celebration of the life of open access pioneer Aaron Swartz! This free event will feature a hackathon, dozens of speakers, and two nights of parties hosted at the Internet Archive headquarters.

Aaron Swartz was a hacktivist, political organizer, and passionate advocate for free and open access to knowledge. The annual Aaron Swartz Day celebration commemorates his life and work, while also showcasing projects that he inspired. This year's event will feature presentations from the EFF and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, as well as Cory Doctorow, Chelsea Manning, and Brewster Kahle, among many others. Whether you want to lend a hand with an open-source project, listen to a talk from internet visionaries, or just celebrate a unique life, register today to participate!

RSVP here

Here's an article from Rolling Stone:

Here's a Guardian article about Aaron:

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