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Here are some of our latest "reels" using artificial intelligence technology.

Updated: May 13, 2022

These types of videos are often called “motion graphics or cinemagraphs." They usually have one or more portions of the image moving, while other portions are static or still. if you do an Internet search for George Redhawk, you’ll find a legally blind man does incredible things with motion graphics.

Here are some of ours.

This first one is just a tutorial on how to record what you're doing on your iPhone or iPad screens:

How to capture your iPhone or iPad screen:

Reels are Instagram and Facebook’s competition with TikTok and shorts are Youtube's competition. You can make shorts or reels yourself and the big tech companies could pay you for your work. (look on Youtube for how to do this)

Here are some of ours, which are getting some pretty surprising numbers of views:

Vintage woman with a cute puppy:

Vintage Woman in a box from an old movie magazine image:

Edgar Degas’ famous painting of dancers:

A vintage image of a woman fishing at night:

A pair of giraffes in a jungle:

You can always keep up with our reels on our Instagram page here:

Hope to see you there!

J & L

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