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Free Vintage Downloads For Today - Kids

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Photograph of Franklin D. Roosevelt Wright staring into the camera. In the image, Wright has a water stain on his sleeve sitting in a wooden chair while an older woman, maybe his mother, stares through the screen behind him.

Photograph of a girl playing a carnival game at the Children's Hour carnival. Three girls are standing behind her. In the background are several individuals standing in a group. They are cut off by the border of the image.

Photograph of a group of young children at a KXAS Christmas Children's Hour party. They sit close together on a bench seat and look towards the left. Christmas decorations and curtains are partially visible in the background.

Photograph of two children standing in front of a tree and a dilapidated house. The children are out-of-focus. One of the children, on the left, appears to be a little girl wearing a dress. The other children is wearing a jacket and a hat. They stand next to one another and face the camera.

A little boy named Paul

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