Dragons Oh My! Free Coloring Pages - Yay!

Hey dragon lovers. Lynne here. Besides collecting thousands of vintage images, I'm also an artist who draws dragons and other fantasy creatures for children. I have two book series on Amazon, too: Amazing Dragons Volume 1 and Volume 2 with companion coloring books. I like to give coloring pages to kids who are learning how to draw dragons and want to color them just the way they like them. 

This is where I'm going to post some of the coloring pages I've created for children so they can color dragons and practice drawing them. 

P.S. I do conventional artwork, but these are digital done on either the iPhone or the iPad since about 2008. 

Here's a free coloring page your kids can practice with. This one is the Palmetto Dragon (named after the state tree of South Carolina) and Miles the Cat throwing the peace sign from atop the dragon. 

Color it whatever color you like. Have fun! (Just right-click and Save Image) Then print out and color away!

Dragon Palmetto and Miles the Cat Throwing A Peace Sign

If I Had A Dragon, I would name him "Flame"

If I had a dragon, I would name him "Flame" 

Here's a WIP (Work In Progress, as it's called) of Hopie the Dragon: 

Here's another Work In Progress that turned out to be a cute bug. He was just a practice sketch years ago, so I've included the final image here so you can see the colors. I decided to add an extra eye in the final sketch. 

Have fun with these! 

Here's a few more for your kids to practice with: 

Not a dragon, but a blue whale. This one you can have lots of fun with. 

Jessie the Dragon Rider. She doesn't kill them. She rides them. My second book is all about Jessie.

Have a great day, everyone.

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