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Beginning in 2008, Breathtaking Vintage was a very successful store on Zazzle and Society6, but we wanted more control over our company. We still have thousands (approximately 1 million images now) of restored vintage images to offer the world in different forms.  (t-shirts, fine art prints, digital downloads, planners, journals etc...) We will keep this blog here so you can find out where our store will eventually "land."  We're trying out different e-commerce platforms to see which one we like the best. As you probably are aware, the e-commerce world changes so fast! We loved Wix, but their prices just got out of control.  This website is just a temporary home for our customers while we decide the best moves forward. It could be squarespace or Shopify or something else.  Please forgive our growing pains. In the middle of all this, we moved across the United States. Whew! That was difficult.  While you're waiting for us to land in another web space.... You can find u

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